08 April 2011

Cocotinos from ITB Berlin to Italy and France - A promotional road trip to Europe

After 5 days in Germany at ITB, and 4 days in Italy with the Mappamondo road show, TM & Iwan are very happy to have met over 80 agents, who expressed great enthusiasm for our new Cocotinos resort in Lombok. Some agents were also very interested in our first Cocotinos Resort in Manado. We wish to thank all agents who came to see us and gave us the chance to introduce our Cocotinos brand of service. Many agents have already arranged to visit us in the coming months and we welcome them with open arms. We are also encouraged that a few big European agents have already committed to feature Cocotinos in their brochures. 

After the Mappamondo road show, Iwan the General Manager of Cocotinos-Sekotong, Lombok, continued visiting dive agents in Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgard and Bremen and we are thankful to all agents who positively received Iwan with the kind introduction by Ms. "Vita" Debelius. 

So, many thanks to all who gave us their time and helped us make this European sales trip by TM and Iwan a success. We look forward to a fruitful business relationship with all agents whom we met as our "partners" in the future.