29 August 2011

Photo Clinic with Aaron Wong!

Cocotinos & Odyssea Divers Manado :: For those that missed out on his first Photo Clinic back in May 2011, here's your chance again to take part in his photo clinic in Cocotinos Manado! Between 14 to 19 October 2011 at Cocotinos Manado,  Aaron Wong, the Wizard of Light & Shadows, will show you how he creates his amazing images with unique perspectives, how to give your subjects that "WOW" factor and tell a long, beautiful story in just one instance. He will share his progression on how he managed to bring the stylish and sophisticated world of fashion photography into his foray with the underwater realm. He'll also help you hone your craft and present your images in a new, creative way.

This Clinic is organised by Divers Outfitter (Singapore) any interest or questions can be emailed directly to them (info@diversoutfitter.com). For more information and photo clinic package rates, please visit the event page on Facebook.