26 September 2011

Review us on scubadviser.com!

You heard of tripadviser.com, now our scuba industry has our very own scubadviser.com!

Having been ranked number ONE in Wori, Manado, North Sulawesi and always among the top 10 in Sulawesi on tripadvisor.com, we are calling for more reviews of Cocotinos and Odyssea Divers to be added to our listing on scubadviser.com to help potential visitors to make a better choice in picking their resort, dive centre and most importantly, their hosts (our staff!) in a foreign country. Everyone can read about destination dive sites from published articles on print or the internet but can only rely on a few sources for information from discerning paying guests on resorts, dive centres and their service ethos. So why not share your experience with everyone? 

You can add your review here on scubadviser.com and those who have already put their reviews on tripadvisor, help us reproduce it on scubadviser.com and make your review seen by more than one site! Share a something good with someone today!

PS: You can also add a review to our tripadviser.com page here if you had not done so!